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Looking forward to Hengfeng's new leap again in November -- a note of courtesy for Hengfeng's new refined production line

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Looking forward to Hengfeng's new leap again in November -- a note of courtesy for Hengfeng's new refined production line

Thanks to the efforts of all technicians and installers, the new dry powder production line of Hengfeng Fine Chemistry Co., Ltd. successfully and safely completed all the design, processing, installation, one-time commissioning and other work in only more than 4 months. It passed the review of safety experts in mid November 2017 and can be put into trial production. The company decided to officially start production on November 20! The company decided to thank all the staff involved in the project! The development of the company will usher in greater opportunities and pose greater challenges to us! I hope you will uphold the tradition and continue to work hard! Continue to work for a better future!

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate". Due to the amide group on the main chain of its molecular structure, polyacrylamide not only has a series of derivatives, but also has a variety of characteristics, such as flocculation, tackifying and surface activity. These characteristics have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, nonferrous metal smelting, mineral processing, papermaking, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater treatment and other related industries.

In order to meet the supply demand of the market and promote the greater development of enterprises, a new production line is added, with a total annual dry powder productivity of 35000 tons. The completion of the new production line marks that Jiangsu Hengfeng Fine Chemistry Co., Ltd. will accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Her completion and large-scale development will also become another new starting point in the development process of Hengfeng chemistry, and will promote Hengfeng fine chemistry into a new era.

Over the years, as a professional manufacturer of polyacrylamide, Hengfeng precision chemical has been committed to the R & D and production of its products all year round. On the basis of constantly summarizing the production experience of polyacrylamide, it has absorbed and digested water treatment technology at home and abroad, actively participated in the cooperation of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, increased R & D efforts, introduced high-end talents, and developed a series of the latest water treatment materials, which will further improve drinking water and industrial water, The sewage treatment quality has played a great role in prolonging the service life of the equipment, and has also been well evaluated and fully affirmed by the majority of users. Jiangsu Hengfeng Fine Chemistry Co., Ltd. is your trusted partner! Look forward to your support and love!