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Water treatment chemicals have not produced new products in recent 20 years

时间:2020-03-27 14:29:18 来源:本站 点击:425次

"Water treatment chemicals have not produced new products for 20 consecutive years, and there will not be much breakthrough in the next 5 to 10 years," said Yan Ruiyu, chief expert of water treatment chemicals, in an interview in Beijing recently.

Yan Ruiyu believes that if the development history of water treatment chemicals for decades is drawn into a coordinate map, it is now at the lowest point of product innovation and R & D, that is, the trough period. There are three reasons for this stagnation. First, unfair competition among enterprises makes enterprises eager for quick success and instant benefits, and the passion for R & D decreases; Second, the product application field has remained unchanged for decades and lacks new market power; Third, the enterprise has no long-term strategic thinking and planning.

Yanruiyu explained that over the years, it has been a major feature of China's water treatment industry that Party A has the the final say. In order to win a contract order, enterprises of water treatment chemicals often not only need to be recognized and accepted by Party A with the best cost performance of the products, but also face many people such as Party A's factory director, chief engineer, workshop director, technicians, financial personnel, supply and marketing personnel, etc. How much profit is there for chemical enterprises?

Secondly, water treatment chemicals have developed for decades, there are so many kinds of products, and the application fields tend to be stable and mature. This makes the water treatment chemical industry easy to copy and serious unfair competition. Whether you are a formal enterprise or an informal enterprise; Whether you are a foreign enterprise, state-owned enterprise or private enterprise, you can do a project, I can do it, and everyone can do it. Dig out a technician from any enterprise and you can do it. Enterprises rely on the background and fight for relationships.

In addition, foreign enterprises have entered China to invest and build factories, expand production capacity, and strive for and serve key customers with their strong brand advantages and management experience. Domestic enterprises serve electric power, I serve oil fields, and he serves papermaking. Enterprises run horses and enclosure each other, each holding a share. As a result, the passion and motivation of enterprise R & D decline.

Yan Ruiyu also said that in his long-term contact with enterprises, he found that the weakness of domestic enterprises lies not in technology and products, but in the lack of strategic thinking and planning. For example, enterprises do not know where their gap is? How should enterprises go in the future? How many roads are there? In the final analysis, it is a lack of talents, especially management talents and strategic talents.

As we all know, whether it is tap water purification, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse or seawater desalination, a series of different chemicals such as flocculant, coagulant, scale inhibitor and bactericide should be added in different process periods. The performance of chemicals and the adding method will directly affect the quality of effluent.

Water treatment chemicals have developed into more than 100 product categories. These products are named scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide, flocculant, coagulant, decolorizer, chelating agent, dispersant, defoamer, cleaning agent, deodorant and so on according to their efficacy and function. Among them, the dosage of flocculant and coagulant is the largest, accounting for one quarter of the total market.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, in order to deal with the problem of water pollution caused by the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization, the Chinese government intensively issued a series of environmental protection policies, regulations and regulations, and invested a lot of money to improve the water environment. New, reconstructed and proposed water treatment projects have sprung up everywhere, from the transformation and upgrading of tap water production process, zero discharge of industrial sewage, urban sewage treatment and reuse, seawater desalination in coastal areas and rural drinking water transformation. Water treatment and related industries have become absolutely hot sunrise industries at present.

However, opportunities are often accompanied by challenges.

Based on the current situation of domestic water treatment chemical enterprises, can we seize this unprecedented huge business opportunity? Can the industrial pattern meet the needs of the current situation?

Yan Ruiyu pointed out that in order to develop the water treatment industry in a healthy and orderly manner and make enterprises bigger and stronger, we must start from four aspects:

First, there should be favorable policy incentives

olicy support and stimulation are the booster and driving force for the rapid development of the industry. For example, the government forces the construction of phosphorus free and nitrogen free areas such as Dianchi Lake, Taihu Lake and Beijing, which forces enterprises to produce phosphorus free products, and sewage treatment enterprises to remove phosphorus and nitrogen during discharge.

Second, explore new application fields

Only when there is a need can there be a market, and only when there is a market can there be survival. Only by broadening the application field and extending the product chain can enterprises survive and develop better. For example, the development and promotion of shale gas in China will bring a new application field to the water treatment chemical industry. Because we should be equipped with a series of products such as pressure fluid, scale inhibitor, thickener, bactericide, antifriction agent, flocculant and so on. Shandong baomo Co., Ltd. has taken the lead and started research and development and technical reserves in this regard.

III. industry structure adjustment

At present, the water treatment chemical industry as a whole is in a small and scattered state. Everyone has a profit of 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan each year. The market urgently needs to cultivate a number of large enterprises, groups and brands, which will not only make enterprises bigger and stronger rapidly, but also participate in international competition. Merger and reorganization is the best way to speed up and improve the pace of industrial development.

Fourth, actively "going out"

Although multinational corporations are rich and powerful and compete for big customers, their disadvantages of strong personnel mobility and acclimatization are also obvious. For example, several foreign enterprises failed to meet the customer's requirements in terms of product performance, so they were replaced by domestic enterprises. Some of these companies have stopped production and some have changed production. On the contrary, many domestic enterprises already have the ability to "go global". For example, Beijing Hengju has a high reputation in Oman and Yemen; Jiangsu Jianghai Co., Ltd. has a cumulative export volume of 350 million in three years, increasing at a rate of 57% per year; Noel in Dongying, Shandong, exported US $10 million in 2013 and is expected to exceed US $20 million in 2014. The company has specially established a foreign trade company for this purpose.