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The 2016 summary and commendation meeting of Hengfeng company was held in the company

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The law returns to the spring, and Vientiane begins to renew. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the company held the 2015 annual summary and commendation meeting in the headquarters building to commend the 15 advanced individuals emerging from the company in 2015.

Chen Shuhua, the general manager, delivered a new year's greetings. The executive deputy general manager presided over the summary and commendation meeting and read out the list of advanced individuals in 2015. The deputy general manager in charge and other staff attended the meeting.

In his speech, Chen Shuhua, on behalf of the leading group, expressed sincere greetings to the cadres and workers who have worked hard over the past year! I would like to express my best wishes to the families who silently support me!

Looking back on the past year, Chen Shuhua said that in the past year, under the situation of global economic recession and general losses in the industry, the company reviewed the situation, adjusted its thinking, actively responded to the severe situation of continuous downturn in polyacrylamide price, and achieved counter trend development; In the past year, all the cadres and employees of the company overcame difficulties and made progress with determination, firmly grasped the general tone of "seeking truth in stability, seeking progress in stability, seeking excellence in stability and giving priority to benefits", actively promoted strategic transformation, continuously consolidated the development foundation, further strengthened the cost control and core competitiveness of the enterprise, further increased the contribution of the sector, further strengthened the development foundation and further improved the multi-channel financing ability, The risk prevention barrier has been further strengthened, the pace of "going global" has been further accelerated, the health, safety and environmental protection level of enterprises has been further improved, the quality of talent team has been further improved, and the party building work has been further strengthened, which has achieved a successful conclusion in all aspects.

New starting point and new hope; New journey, carrying new dreams. Chen Shuhua stressed that in the new year, the company's leaders should take the lead in implementing the spirit and requirements of the work meeting, complete various plans for the whole year, refine various tasks of the work meeting, and carry out work creatively; Focus on the core of "improving quality and efficiency", work hard on the word "improving", find ways to improve the word "increasing", make breakthroughs in practicing internal skills, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the whole process, enhancing cost control and core competitiveness of enterprises, and focus on solving the key areas and weak links of improving quality and efficiency. Closely focusing on the company's strategic objectives and overall deployment in 2016, we should make every effort to play a leading and exemplary role in serving the grass-roots level.

The blueprint is drawn, and the sails are just sailing through the waves; The task is heavy and the road is long, so we need to ride a horse and whip. Chen Shuhua hopes that the majority of employees of the company will unite more closely, follow the excellent pursuit of a good end, a good start, a good work and a good success, follow the work style of stone imprinting and iron trace, adapt to the new normal, take on the new mission, follow the steps of spring, and with fuller enthusiasm and enterprising spirit, persevere and forge ahead, comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the group company, and strive to achieve the grand strategic goal of 2016, Create a better future and a more brilliant tomorrow for Hengfeng company.